Warren Peter Clowes introduction

Lt. Warren Peter Clowes

  • Lt. Warren Peter Clowes
  • 8th (King’s Royal Irish) Hussars
  • Killed in action, 30th March 1918, age 20
  • He lies in Fouilley Cemetery, Somme, France.

Lt. Warren Peter Clowes

Lt. Warren Peter Clowes

Warren Peter Clowes was the son of Lt Col. and Mrs Emily Clowes, from Burton Court. Warren, or Peter, was born in 1898.

Warren joined the the 8th. (King’s Royal Irish) Hussars, in which both his father and grandfather had served.

Lt. Clowes’s regiment saw action on the Western Front from December 1914 onwards. The 8th Hussars took part in the Second Battle of Ypres when the Germans first used chlorine gas. As cavalry, the regiment was often in reserve, ready to exploit any gaps made in the front line. In 1916 and 1917 they were engaged in fighting in the Somme area of northern France.

In 1918, during the German Spring Offensive, the Hussars were conducting mounted actions in the Somme department of northern France. Warren was killed while leading his men in an engagement at Waffusee Aban Court, near Amiens.

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Lt. Warren Clowes Memorial Walk

1 3/4 miles Eardisland Oak and the Church

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Lt. Warren Clowes Memorial Gate

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