Newsletter - December 2017

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December marks a whole year since the inception of Eardisland Memorial Walks. At that time, the ambition included having all of our named walks being waymarked with respective brochure-style guides produced. Opting to apply for lottery funding gave rise to consequences affecting this target but expanded the basic concept: we would be able to do much better in enhancing the quality of the project and so achieve a better result.

Situation, end of 2017.

  • At present we have six walks waymarked. Two have memorial gates and one ‘opened’ (Lt Warren Clowes), which simply means that a modest event takes place to create awareness of our Fallen soldier’s life and circumstances leading to his death a hundred or so years ago.
  • The remaining seven walks are planned with waymarks ready for fixing in relation to three. Only two walks of the four remaining require surveying, which also serves as an opportunity to define where waymarks can be placed. Walks will in several cases pass through neighbouring parishes and those beyond.
  • As part of the memorial walks’ concept, background information has been gathered on our soldiers to both inform the guides and be collated to prepare a more ambitious publication later in the project. There is of course always more to be discovered about our thirteen men and their stories. Information sources are being identified and what we believe to be facts are being uncovered consistently.
  • Installing memorial gates is an example of expanding the concept. Finding the most appropriate location for each gate and acquiring sufficient funds to have it made and installed can be complicating factors. In instances other forms of memorial will serve the same purpose of making each named walk unique.

Future intentions

  • Emphasis will lie on waymarking paths and producing temporary guides. We need to catch up.
  • The project will step-up its research activities, to include an appeal for information on this website.
  • Research will complement an initiative whereby the walks’ objectives are included in an educational programme at Kingsland School.
  • With support to include donations, the project will install appropriate gates and memorials at a steady pace to open walks at shorter intervals. (An improved tempo is likely to inspire other initiatives and greater voluntary participation.)
  • A newsletter will be posted monthy.


Eardisland Memorial Walks is grateful to numerous individuals for supporting the project in a wide variety of ways. Within the Parish members of the Eardisland History Group, the Village Shop, the Parish Council (including footpath officers) and E Team have given time and effort without which the project would have foundered. The Shop, Rita’s Tearooms and Discover Parks distribute guides and Burton Court has hosted part of a walk opening event. We are grateful for support from our Ward Councillor and the Herefordshire Lieutenancy. Memorial gates have been installed with the co-operation of landowners in Eardisland and Kingsland. Various kindnesses to include help with transport, guide design and production, pictures for the website, workspace provision and walk surveys are much appreciated. Professional voluntary services include finishing off gates to a high standard and producing media photographs taken at our events – thanks to Stuart Staples and Jay Watson respectively.

More volunteers are needed. Tasks can be straightforward and take up little time, others more complex. Get in touch and we can talk about what you might want to do.

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