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Warren Peter Clowes Memorial Gate

Photo:Jay Watson

Memorial Gates

Memorial Gates introduction

Memorial Gates, or an appropriate alternative, are planned for each walk. Our Fallen are commemorated in a dignified way which adds to the uniqueness and quality of the walk. They serve to remind walkers of the soldier’s identity, which is inscribed on a brass plaque fixed to the gate. The plaque also identifies the donor, which in most cases will be the associated military unit, which carries on the traditions of the First World War regiment in which our soldier served. The guide leaflet expands on this.

Gates are made from oak grown in Herefordshire, the first few from within the parish. They are hand carved in Hereford by carpenters at Choices Foundation. Volunteers work on bringing them to a higher aesthetic standard, and install them at chosen sites. Mainly are so-called kissing gates; they are most suitable for less-abled walkers to pass through and for stock in the fields to be contained. The project relies on permission and co-operation of landowners on which the gates are installed, and is grateful accordingly.

Gates cost about £350. Sides, for Kissing Gates cost around £200 each. Furniture (fastenings, etc.) and a plaque for each gate cost £150. There are other costs additions, to include specialist labour in some circumstances. Military associations have been contacted and are the first to be called. They have priorities relating to the welfare of ex-serviceman and so the project requests simply the price of the gate. The Heritage Lottery fund held by the project covers in part the other items, but this is not an infinitive financial resource and to reach our target of 13 Memorials of suitable quality the project calls for donations – which will be sincerely and gratefully received.